Soccer, Martial arts, Archery, Swimming & Horse whispering

“SMASH” is a 12 month programme of sports/team building taster sessions. The programme will include Soccer, Martial arts, Archery, Swimming & Horse whispering. With the exception of Soccer, all other activities will each for a period 6-8 weeks running sequentially. Soccer will run for 9 months in line with local football league programme (we currently have 4 teams playing in Slough Combination league. With the exception of Soccer (as we do not have qualified female coaches), all events are open to both boys and girls.

The programme started in August 2013. To take advantage of summer weather, we started with Horse whispering first. 4 sessions were held at for 5-16 year olds, where the children got a chance to ride, stroke and look after the horses. Great fun & learning for all.

Soccer is on-going. We hold Saturday training sessions at Lascelles Park and matches are on Sundays in different parts of Slough. Our home ground is Kidderminster Park.

Look out for Archery, Martial arts and Swimming sessions in 2014.